What does it look like to serve long term as a missionary?

The idea of being a missionary long term can be very scary. This is one of the reasons why we work in teams.

A place to start

If you are interested in serving long term with International Teams, you will go for an initial period of two years.

Following a careful application process, through conversations with your church, friends and an employer, we will seek to place you in a role that is supportive, stimulating and innovative, and help you in your own Christian walk.

The first two years will begin with language learning and cultural adjustment and then you will gradually get involved in ministry. This will take place within the supportive environment of a team, who can coach and encourage you though out this time of learning.

After the initial period of two years you will come home for a time of Home Assignment, meeting with your church, your supporters and International Teams staff before heading back for another term, usually two-three years. During your Home Assignment time we will ensure you have adequate rest, time for meeting with supporters, and for couples we will strongly encourage you to attend a marriage enrichment course.

In the National Office we will do everything we can to ensure that your time on the field allows you to grow both in your walk with God and in your ministry skills.


Call (02) 9890 2244 or email connect@iteams.org to have the conversation. We’d like to start understanding the desires of your heart so we can begin talking with you about placing you on the field.

You could also look at where Our Missionaries currently serve and what ministries we are involved with to explore the key areas of ministry or particular locations where you serve, that you feel God is leading you to. If you want to talk to someone please contact us.

Whats involved in serving long term with International Teams?

1. Once you’ve got in contact, we’ll start some conversations – with you and your church leader and we’ll send you an application form.

2. Complete the application form and provide us with some references from your church leader and others who know you well. We will journey with you and seek to offer personal attention to ensure a smooth application process.

3. Once accepted you’ll do some training – we want to equip you well for an effective internship with training and resources. You will also start building a group of people around you to support you financially and prayerfully as you prepare to go and serve.

4. We encourage you to get a mentor to walk with whilst you’re serving and during the re-entry process once you have returned from your cross-cultural service.

5. Go and serve for the initial two years. During this time we’ll encourage you to send regular newsletters to your supporters, and to maintain regular contact with your sending church/es and the International Teams National Office.

6. Return to Australia for Home Assignment, during which time we will meet with you and your church to debrief on the first two years and help prepare you for your next term of service.

7.We will seek to provide you with good follow up and debrief so that you can thrive in ministry!

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