Over 65 million people have been forcibly displaced from their homes by war, on-going conflicts or impact of natural disasters. It’s complex. Many people have to flee to find safety. To find a refuge. Men, women, children are impacted. Their world turned upside down.

Some make it to Australia by plane or boat to seek safety. Some live in the community waiting for an outcome to applications. Others have been permanently resettled here. Whatever their status, they need a welcome, a home, hope.

Sydney Refugee Team was established over 20 years ago to reach out to those on the margins of society.  To provide welcome, friendship and opportunities to hear about and experience the hope of Jesus. We recognise that for those seeking refuge and safety there are many needs but also that a sense of hope and peace is important. We believe this comes through Jesus.

With some full-time workers and many volunteers from churches across Sydney, we meet families in friendship and help out with practical needs where we can. Sydney Refugee Team provides training for individuals and churches that seek to be part of this work as well.

Sydney Refugee Team aims:

  • to see our refugee and asylum seeker friends knowing the hope and joy that comes from a relationship with Jesus and grow deeper in that relationship of faith.
  • to see our refugee and asylum seeker friends in flourishing relationships where they feel loved and cared for and be well connected within the community.
  • to see our refugee and asylum seeker friends with their basic physical needs met and to empower and equip them to live as thriving and contributing members of the community.
  • to see the Christian community, and society at large, compassionately embracing and welcoming refugees and asylum seekers.

We need people with time to build relationships, offer hospitality with our refugee friends, collect and distribute food parcels or other material needs, help out on camps and in many other ways.

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