Who we are

Humble beginnings…

The concept of teams of young people traveling to locations to bring good news began in the heart of a young Australian, Kevin Dyer, who was living in the USA at the time.

We were “A bunch of college kids with a dream – reaching masses of people with the gospel.”

The first team of six went to India in 1961, where they gave out 100,000 pieces of literature. In the years that followed millions of pieces of literature were distributed in Asia, Latin America and Europe.

While the organisation commenced with people doing just a few months ministry, now many of our missionaries have served for significant periods of time.


From everywhere, to everywhere…

Today the organisation has 1086 people from 64 countries serving in 70 countries (September 2015).

We proclaim the gospel through The Word and deed. Doing ministry in innovative ways, we serve with the marginalised and in the urban centres of the world.



ABN:   36 138 471 706
Charitable Fundraising Number:   18557

International Teams Ministries Australia Inc. holds a charitable fundraising authority under section 13A of the Charitable Fundraising Act 1991, subject to compliance with the Act, the Charitable Fundraising Regulation 2008 and the conditions attached as Annexure A. This authority is in force from 15/01/2013 until 14/01/2018.

International Teams is a member of Missions Interlink and the founding member of Christian Ministry Advancement Ltd.

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